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Data Recovery Process on NOW DATA RECOVERY COMPANY
Four Step Procedure for Data Recovery Process followed by Now Data Recovery:
Step 1: Consultation

Telephone or Online Consultation regarding what steps ( Precautions & data loss procedures ) to take as soon as Data Crisis Happen. We will explain our recovery process to ensure the media is handled with care after a crash.

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will be signed or Corporate and Business Clients to ensure confidentiality of data from submission of media to data delivery.
Either the drive can be delivered to our office located in Bangalore or it can be picked up and dropped to client’s and user’s location (Currently available service in Lab recovery in Bangalore location) or personal visit to our office location, other city or country is supported via courier facility.

Step 2: Analysis of Media

• Crashed media is analyzed in Class 100 Clean Lab so as to determine data crisis cause & the most appropriate data recovery approach can be followed. Based on chances of accessibility of crashed media & data crisis level, a basic recovery process is done & sample data is analyzed & verified. Percentile of the possibility of data recovery is calculated. The time required for recovery is calculated based on the type of crash and client’s requirements of data. We design recovery process work-flow for each media submitted according to the condition.
• Diagnosis report along with, the time period required for recovery and percentile of the possibility of recoverable data & Quote is submitted to the client for approval. Note: Price quote/ Cost of data recovery may vary upon the extent of damaged media submitted from which data has to be recovered, charges do not vary on GB or MB basis recovery from media. For detailed price-list click here.
• Approximate Media analysis Time-frame: 4 to 8 hours from the time your hard drive is received & it also depends on the Size of drive or data and spare parts arrangement.

Step 3: Data Recovery
• Data Recovery starts upon once its confirmed from Client. Confirmation can be done by email, phone or direct contact on Percentage of Recovery, required timeframe, cost and payment mode.
• Once the recovery is completed, Files are checked for data Validity to ensure Quality of recovery & format of files recovered. The directory listings in a text file (or as requested by the client) is sent to the client for his verification and approval of file type & file names. Alternatively, the client can visit us for data verification and confirm the data integrity. Because we follow professional Recovery Procedures. Data privacy is maintained since we undertake software checking for validating the recovered data from the media.
• Approximate Data Recovery Time-frame: usually 1 day for logical issues, 2 to 4 days for non-physical issues, and 4 to 15 days for physical issues.

Step 4: Data Delivery

• Delivery is as per the Timeframe & Percentage of Data agreed to recover & Cost agreed from Client. After confirmation of the payment, data will be backed up on the media of your choice – CD, DVD up to 10 GB of data (Nominal cost of CD / DVD should be provided from Client), More than 10 GB of data clients need to provide a backup Hard drive, Pen drive, laptop or desktop hard disk for the data backup with appropriate free space. Small size data can be uploaded via online in the cloud or via FTP. We will follow the same data recovery process for our clients to maintain maximum data accuracy in each media. The data will be securely erased from our server to ensure data confidentiality.

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Computer Forensics News

Computer forensics is another aspect of electronic discovery that refers to any process in which data from a particular computer or network is sought, located, secured and searched with a purpose of using it as evidence in a civil or criminal legal case.

Computer forensics has been around for a decade, but is still not popular in the commercial sector making it unexploited. Its growth from discovery to practical operation has been very slow. Now that forensics has been fully established as a science, it has encouraged the police to set up high tech crime units. This has really pushed forensics to new heights, and a lot of people have become aware of its possible uses.

Computer forensics is not a task that can be taken up by any IT professional. It requires great skills and an acute investigative instinct. The acute shortage of experts has lead to huge competition among the private cyber-consulting firms, to hire computer forensic professionals, making computer forensics a highly paid profession. Senior police officers in computer forensics can always reap the benefits of multiple job offers, as they are being recruited for law enforcement and private industry jobs all over the country.

A new law has passed in Georgia for computer forensics, stating that forensics experts who testify in court without a PI license may be committing a felony.

A new password cracker has been launched that will allow forensic investigators help law enforcement agencies in their fight against crime and global terrorism. The password cracker identifies and removes password, from platter locked hard drives used in laptop computers and will be a major timesaver in the field or during covert investigations.

Growth in computer forensics has strengthened the police force. Enabling them to find hidden evidences and preserve them for future purposes. Hence, growth in computer forensics has proved crucial in reducing the rate of crime all around the world.

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